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Fish and Seafood Shopping

As with many other specialities we also provide our community with a wide range of Fish & Seafood products. Imported from countries like Bangladesh and Burma.

Our seafood products are picked specially to give our customers quality.

In stores you can expect to find the fish of your wants, come to our shops today and see for yourselves!

Our fresh and frozen produce is sourced from our both our own farms and approved, highly regarded suppliers from around the world.

Can expect to find a wide range of food supplies and other grocery needs when visiting your local MB. You can also request collection service from our Asian grocery shop – give us a call, place your order and arrive when you want to pick up your items furthermore offering our supermarket, cash & carry service in addition with most of our stores – delivery.



Image taken in MB Perry Barr


View our stores in where you can get your fish and seafood products from :

Fish shopping in our Swansea store 
Fish shopping in our Cardiff store
Fish shopping in our  Newport store
Fish shopping in our Bristol store
Fish shopping in our Swindon store
Fish shopping in our  Cape Hill store (Birmingham)
Fish shopping in our Perry Barr store (Birmingham)
Fish shopping in our Small Heath store (Birmingham)